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On this site you will find a little love, a little laughter, some joy and some pain. You will find a lot of spiritual also. You will find raw topics at times but never intended disrespect or hurt.
Although I write from a Chriistian womanist perspective everyone is welcome.
My book characters are provocative and quirky. Some may do or say some outlandish things yet they are made up of realistic people and situations. Some of my character I intentionally create but others come to me in my dreams, some, like Alexa, are even a part of my truth.
I believe in empowering women because I once had to find the strength to allow myself to be empowered. I allowed a childhood incident to cripple me and cloud my life view.

I hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to comment and share and I will check back often to review comments and posts.

Lastly, I am a person that wears many hats, a career, a mother of two dynamic kids and  a writer. My writings are a part of my heart speaking from a womanist perspective… a woman’s soul… grounded in the Spirit of God. 

                                                                                     Vivi McCray

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#comehome it’s not a physical place but the place in the Spirit realm where I kept you, guided you, protected you and elevated you. Then you became emboldened in your own self, in the gifts I gave you rather than emboldened in me and the Love in which I drew you. Who hindered you? Was it self? Puffed up Pride? Vanity? It’s all the works of the flesh. Come home and walk in my spirit says the Lord. Walk in my Godly counsel resist the tricks of the enemy and watch me restore and bless you. Whatever you do in me I will bless. Come home…. it’s not too late.

Whatever you think about yourself, whatever you think you can or cannot do is what will happen. It is a fight to keep your mindset positive, to trust the creative power of all things good for your life. So many people trust in the wrath rather than the love. I’ve been up and I’ve been down. The down periods taught me about my mindset. I had to change my thought patterns to keep walking in the good. To trust the God given compass within to guide me to my places of good and purpose. Love to you all💞 #keepyourmindstraight

When one goes through trauma, especially a sexual trauma, it tends to take away your voice or at least diminish it. The pain can cause a person to completely lose who they were, are and had planned to be. Innocence lost is a lost like no other. It would seem unrecoverable. The pain is hard and some have a hard road to wholeness, some have PTSD for the rest of their lives, but with determination and hard work we can learn to love ourselves again. My therapy was writing poetry, writing in my journal or writing stories. I encourage you to write through the pain. It helps with the fearful attacks of long ago memories. The Featured Image is one of my on the road to healing poems.