Bearing My Mothers' Scars

An intriguing book of two women.   One who has to find the strength to break free from the bondages of her present and past.  The other who feels she must win by any means necessary.  As always, it seems, the journey includes the powerful inducements of money and love.

Many would think that Alexa had it all.   A six figure career, luxury home, luxury car and a successful good looking husband but she was chased by the ghosts of her past and her current situation was driving her to do the unthinkable.

Sherita had always been smart and strong or so she thought.  She’d fought hard to get where she was and now she was about to have it all.  She knew, as her friend Pat always reminded her, that what she was doing wasn’t right in the mind of others but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.  It was finally her turn and she was going to get hers by any means necessary.

Follow them on their journey to either freedom or despair in this first book of the Bearing My Truth Series.